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Starting at just $39, our Reg D (PPM) and Regulation A+ document sets are SEC compliant, are based upon the Registration Statement (Form S-1) and are valid in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Our document sets also include the Subscription Agreement, Investor Verification, basic legal disclaimers, NASAA jurisdictional legends, Anti-Money Laundering documents, “Mail Merge” that will save you time and money, ERISA and more.

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Our SEC compliant, Reg. D document sets are ideal for private offerings of either equity or debt securities by corporations, LLCs, Hedge Funds or Real Estate Funds.


Our Reg. A+ offering statements are ideal for either Tier 1 or Tier 2 offerings by LLCs or corporations.

Carefully Developed Custom Regulation D Private Placement Documents

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Our PPM templates feature sample data such as company name, Reg. D Rule, maximum dollar raise, etc. Using Mail Merge, you can easily substitute our sample data with your data. Mail Merge will then automatically replace our sample data with your data throughout the PPM template saving you time and money. Each template is downloadable in Microsoft Word, immediately following your purchase. We provide .docx files (.doc available upon request) for better formatting in all versions of Microsoft Word. We also provide a Microsoft Word tips section, on our website, (see “Tutorials“) to help with any formatting issues.
All templates are viewable before purchase. We provide FREE Form D Filings with the purchase of any Reg. D PPM Template Package.

We don’t just sell PPM Templates, we actually use these documents on a daily basis. The information contained in the templates is highly sought after. To help you through the development process we have added tutorial information to our site. This information may be updated on a daily basis. So, please check our site frequently as there’s a lot of information surrounding Regulation D, as well as political and legal updates which we post in our blog.

Although our template packages include all the documents necessary for a Reg D offering, we also sell individual documents, for those who just want certain parts of the PPM package.

Partial list includes:

We encourage the use of attorneys if you can afford one. However, if you can’t afford one we have provided the tools to help you through this complex issue with your limited funds.

With that said, it is important that you understand a PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) is very important. It provides both you and the investor with risk disclosures. Most importantly it covers your tail if a legal issue arises.

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