Pinterest Uses Regulation D Rule 506(b)

Pinterest uses Regulation D five times during its start up!

[fb_button]With a meager first capital raise of $700,000, Pinterest, Inc., formerly Cold Brew Labs, Inc. used Regulation D to raise over $600,000,000. In-fact, they have a Reg D Private Placement underway as we write this, raising an additional $199,000,000. It would seem, according to their filings (see below), they have indeed raised roughly $159,000,000 thus far in the current offering.

Reg D is used by thousands of private companies each year to raise over $1 Trillion. Each offering was sold by an Officer or Director of the company. These particular offerings relied on Reg D Rule 506(b), the old rule, where no solicitation is allowed.

We have included links to each filing below:

First 506 Offering for $998k

Second 506 Offering for $100M

Third 506 Offering for $200M

Fourth 506 Offering for $225M

Fifth 506 Offering for $200M



Since the final offering seems to be in-progress, we need to include the following disclaimer: This blog post is not an offer to buy or sell securities of Pinterest, Inc. It is intended solely for informational purposes, for readers of our blog.

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