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You’re planning a Regulation D capital raise. So, ask yourself, “Do I really need an attorney, and spend up to $20,000 or more to prepare my PPM?” We don’t think so. Actually, we’ve sold our PPM templates to attorneys for their use in preparing PPMs for their clients.
Our PPM templates are patterned on the Form S-1. We even provide sample content that the SEC has declared ‘effective’ in Form S-1 filings. You’re free to edit, add to or delete any of our sample content. In fact, you’ll want to edit some of the sample content for your company, your market and your capital needs. And, you can prepare your winning PPM in less than a week using our templates.

We offer PPM templates for Rules 504, 506(b) and 506(c), for your corporation or LLC.

Prefer a custom PPM? Give us a call, (206) 422-6677, and let’s discuss a custom PPM prepared just for you. We’ll be happy to prepare a proposal to create your own, customized PPM, and all of the other required Reg. D offering documents.


Your PPM Package Includes These Essential Documents

Private Placement Memorandum;  Subscription Agreement;  Certificate of Signatory;

Investor Verification Document;  Third Party Verification Letter;  Capitalization Table;

Jurisdictional Legends all 50 states;  Form D;  Executive Summary/Pitch Sheet;

ERISA Disclosure; Anti-money Laundering Definitions; Anti-money Laundering Certification;

Form U-1;  Form U-2;  Form U-2A 


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